Flu vacation

Here in Bulgaria it is annual thing for the schools to go on a flu vacation. It is supposed to be a way to limit the spread of the flu. This way is among the most stupid thing that you might see in Bulgaria, even more stupid than the need to go to a notary to give someone a power of attorney to take your car for a weekend to Greece.

Why is it stupid? Just because it is total waste of time as it is not stopping the spread of the flu and it is just the common flu not some major epidemic. It only applies to the schools and therefore you end up no results. Why?

The teenagers meet up in the malls or other venues so the flu can spread there. The younger kids will either meet a play with the other kids or be sent to private schools for assisting with homework and similar activities. Kids in kindergartens (often have siblings in schools) are still going there. Parents are still going to work. In all of those settings the flu can spread and then on to the kids it is supposed to help.

Besides it is not like the flu just spreads for a limited amount of days. So it is a waste of time and is almost like a disguised school vacation which has become a tradition.

How about just letting the kids stay in school and use the time for education rather than waste it on useless exercise in pretending to take actions to protect the health of school kids. If you want to prevent the flu spreading in schools, how about vaccinating the kids???