The US and human rights … or lack thereof

The US is abandoning little by little the international order it lead the construction of. If the mid-term elections will leave GOP in power of Congress and in the Presidential elections Trump will be re-elected then it becomes more a question of time when the US allies will not be as willing to help as before. The hard power of the US military will then quickly fade away. Without the launching platforms of the bases in Europe the invasion of Iraq would not have been possible. Not to mention all the intel US gets from the intelligence community in allied countries.

Now the world looks at the US becoming more of what we would have expected countries like North Korea, China, Russia and other dictatorships to be. As we watch the separation of parents and children at the border and inaction by Congress then we can hardly conclude anything else than this is something the Congress approves of and therefore also the American public is deep down OK with. If the politicians in Congress are not getting the message from their voters to fix this right now or loose their seats then it indicates simply a tacit approval of this policy.

I can only hope that something will be done to fix this, but I doubt there is much reason to hope even if GOP looses control of the Congress. It is becoming harder and harder for us that are friends of the US to defend its behaviour.