Is E-government possible in Bulgaria?

At first we might think that the answer should be yes, after all nothing is impossible. After living and working in Bulgaria for close to 6 years I am not so sure. There have been several initiatives to set up e-government in Bulgaria but are not really successful. To me …

Bulgaria needs a process of reforms, not a quick fix

Bulgaria is far behind of making its system really democratic. What can be done? Or is Bulgaria meant to be stuck in the same position year after year? Will Bulgarians be complaining about the same crazy system in 10 years? Hopefully not but for this the country needs a constructive and continuous process of reforms. It has to be a process of small changes over the next 10-15 years. Not large scale fix.

Missed opportunities for reforms … are we too late?

From time to time we get an golden opportunity to reform our systems such as the civil service or economic systems in our country. In most cases the opportunity is lost and therefore reforms become more difficult. But does that mean that reforms are impossible? Or that all hope is lost?