About me

My name is Dadi Einarsson and I am an Icelander that has lived in Sofia, Bulgaria for over 7 years. I moved to Bulgaria with my cat after getting married to my wonderful wife. We have two sons – Alexandar Odinn born on 12 December 2009 – and – Viktor Orn born on 15 September 2012. They are wonderful kids, smile almost all the time and – like their father – likes to eat a lot. I love animals and have probably too many of them, but I have one dog – Lobba. The dog came from the street in Sofia. In addition to Lobba then I also have one small aquarium (250 litres or 66 US Gallons) of tropical fishes.

My background is in political science and public administration. Most of my professional life has been in those fields both on national level in Iceland and for 4 years I worked for the European Commission in Luxembourg on public health issues. My main field of work for the Commission was HIV/AIDS and sexual health policy in Europe.

If you want to contact me then my e-mail address is dadi.einarsson@gmail.com.

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