Rape excuses – offence to men!

Rape is a horrible violent crime which can often lead to long term emotional and psychological problems for the victim. There is no excuse for raping someone in the same way as there is no excuse for hitting someone on the head with a hammer.

Too often we can see rapists getting off easy due to some excuses that the court came up with or accepted. The excuses include “she led him on”, “she dressed provocatively” or something similar. These excuses are not only stupid for a court to take seriously but also offensive to men (most rape cases involve men as the attacker and a woman as the victim). What are these rulings saying about men? They say very clearly that we are only animals that can not control ourselves when we see a female member of our own species. At the same time our societies have no problem with entrusting men to lead countries, major companies and be the bulk of any military. In other words the same group of humans are trusted to control themselves to not shoot someone but not to control themselves when seeing a woman.

It is normal for anyone that has committed horrible crimes, violated the law, violated ethics or done anything else that is simply wrong to come up with excuses. It is normal human behaviour but that does not mean that society should accept them as valid. With it we are saying that men are uncontrollable animals that are just guided by their instincts or something worse. Humans have taken over the planet as the dominant species by adapting and being able to develop skills which other animals don’t have. We have developed societies, which include laws and norms of human behaviour.  We generally think that attacking someone else is not acceptable and excuses are not considered to be valid with few exceptions such as in self defence, war, for own survival and few more.

In many countries we have in the criminal code special part for sex crimes. I can not recall seeing any of those codes that actually include any sex crimes. They usually include only crimes like rape, molestation of children and similar. All are not sex crimes but vicious attacks on the victim. There is nothing sexual about rape or molestation of a child.

Excuses like “she dressed provocatively” or “she behaved/acted in a sexual manner” are the most offensive to me. It really shows how societies often considers men to be unable to control themselves. If it was really true then women all over the world would have to cover themselves from head to toe for their own protection. Of course it is not like this and even in societies that they do that there is still a problem with the number of women being raped.

Men are fully able to control themselves even though some choose to loose their control and decide to rape someone. Loosing control is to hit someone or say something you would otherwise not say, not violently attack them no matter if it is through rape, shooting or beating someone with a hammer. All acts which there is no valid excuse for!

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