Question everything?

Why is it that some people think it is bad to question established “truths”? Or think that they have all the answers?

Frequently when surfing the web I come across a discussion of a sort where you have groups (mainly theists) being upset over someone questioning their worldview. A worldview often rooted in one book. What is it to them that makes asking questions so horrible? Is it that they know they will not like the answer? Or is there something else going on? Maybe it is that with asking questions we are also saying “we don’t know” and to some it sounds horrible. What is so horrible with asking where something is if I don’t know how to get there? That question is no different from a question about if any god exists. It is asked to try to find out the truth. Some questions are easier than others but it is important to ask them.

We should always question everything. Not just on issues such as religion, science and how to find our way to some geographical place. We should always pose the question to us if a statement we heard someone make or a rule on something is correct. When a political leader states that the economy is doing bad or good, we should not just accept their word – we should ask “is he/she correct?”.  We should only accept statements that are based on evidence and at worst  the best educated guess. Just because someone says something doesn’t make it true. We should only accept what we are willing to accept based on our own logic and conclusions. We might not be able to explore individually all issues and understanding everything fully but we should make our own conclusions based on what we know and understand.

Most important of all is to not to let other make up our minds but to make it up ourselves. Too often people let other people dictate what they are supposed to believe, do and trust.

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