Bulgarian public schools keep Bulgarians down

Very often I hear about the teaching in public schools in Bulgaria and often the stories are not nice. You might think that the teachers and the management of the schools are either incompetent or perceive their role to be to break down the students.

Recent examples I have come across is of teachers punishing specific students with a surprise tests, punishing students for bad behaviour with lower grades and constant unfounded criticism of their work. This has lead to good students failing exams due to being systematically kept down and stressed out. This lead to worse grades and in the long term more limited knowledge. It is not good for the future of Bulgaria. If the Bulgarian youth is not able to receive good education then the next generation is not likely to maximise its potential. With lack of skills in languages, science, etc. those young people will never excel and the basis for this is set in the public schools.

There is no way for parents to do anything about this situation. The teachers behave arrogantly in parents meetings and talk like their current group is among the worst they have ever had. They answer any questions with aggressive dismissal and in the end are likely to punish the children of the parents voicing concerns. If the parents go to the director of the school then for sure the child of the complaining parent will be punished with lower grades. There is no other way for parents to deal with it. The only thing parents can do is to have their children go for standardised internationally recognised exams such as the Cambridge exams for English and similar exams for other disciplines. A student might be getting good marks on the standardised exams and low grades in the public school.

What about the children of parents who are not able to pay for additional training and exams? They seem to be stuck and doomed for low level education and a low income future. In this environment the relatively well off parents will seek to go abroad just in order for their kids to get proper education. Bulgaria will continue to loose their well educated people and will have a future of stagnation unless this situation changes.

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