Da Vinci Code – strange reactions

I watched the other day a show on BBC World about the novel by Dan Brown, the Da Vinci Code, and reactions to it. I have found the reaction of the Church (mainly the Vatican) very interesting and harsh. This is a novel that as any novel is a fiction from beginning to end with few bits of facts. The facts listed in the beginning of the book are at best questionable. I think this is clear to most readers of the book. Based on the reaction of Christian religious organisations you might think that the book is attaching the existence of God or Jesus Christ. It is only casting a doubt that the Bible is an accurate account of the wishes of Jesus and that some of the accounts in the Bible have been changed. The book sets this up as conspiracy which is of course very unlikely at best. Most likely when the New Testament was put together some changes were made and they had to select what would be part of the Testament. With a new religion which was trying to find ways to recruit follower it is not so far fetched that they would have emphasized aspects that made them different and in their view better than other religions at the time. Besides why is it so unlikely that Jesus Christ, who was supposed to be like a human being with sins and all, would have a close relationship with a woman and even be married. It would be strange for a 30 year old man at that time in what is now Israel/Palestine to not be married.

The emphasizes of the Church that the Bible is some kind of Gods word is strange. The Bible is of course written by men and has faults in it, intentional and intentional, as everything written by men. It is the same when the Vatican tries to tell us that in the selection of a new Pope that God speaks through the Cardinals. The selection is about internal politics and what the majority considers to be best for the Vatican and the Catholic Church. This is the reality and as it should be.

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