It is a long time since my last post but finally I start writing again. Lot of things have happened since my last post.

My parents came to visit and I took them all over the place, mostly in Luxembourg and Germany. Most of the time we just went driving with general direction where we wanted to go. No detailed plan or time plan. Just relaxing and enjoying ourselves. We stayed as much as possible off the motorways and drove through small towns and villages. We went to Idar Oberstein and looked at museum of precious stones and I bought few for one of my aquarium. We also went to see the church that is in the mountain:

We also drove down Mosel. We started from Cochem which is very beautiful town and has for exsample this castle.

Mosel is very beautiful and we stopped in few small towns. We had been told that Bernkastel Keus should be so beautiful and it is, but in comparison with Cochem then it caused some disappointment for us. Besides the castle in Bernkastel is not much in comparison with Cochem as you can see.

One day we drove into France and drove through village after village and all seemed to be terribly maintained and was basically ugly. We were rather quick (within a half day) back in Luxembourg. In Luxembourg we went all over and both looked at the city and the country. We drove north to Diekirch where my dad and I looked at a war museum. We then continued north to Clervaux which is very beautiful place. In the monastery there were 3 exhibitions. One of them is a the photographic display and shows clearly how we are all the same. No matter what our economic status is or where we live, in the essence we are all the same. The last trip we took was then into Belgium but on the way we took a look at one castle in Luxembourg. All these trips would have been much better if it hadn’t rained almost the whole time. Especially the trip into Belgium, we went through beautiful area but could not really enjoyed it due to the rain. The weather however started to get better after my parents left, maybe they just brought it with them from Iceland?

I got my car back while my parents were here so they could at least see the car and last few days we were driving around in it, but until then we had been using the car that my insurance company had provided me with. The car looks good now and I have continued to drive a lot. I am already up to almost 3000 km but as a comparison then my old car, Citroen C2, was 2 years old with just over 16.000 km. If I continue to drive as much as I do now then I will drive more with this car in a year than the old one in two years.

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