Today I bought 3 new swordtails. One male who has grayish body with orange in black frame sword. Very beautiful fish. I also bought light orange colored females and selected two that look like they are close to giving birth. So they went straight to the maternity ward. I will hopefully soon have some swordtail fry and hopefully this male will make sure the other females will start to have fry sometime soon. The male that was in the aquarium had in 3 months not made them pregnant and was therefore this weekend put in the cichlids aquarium and will stay there.

Last Friday I picked up a box at the airport with 10 kg of candy that I had sent myself while I was in Iceland. The candy is from Freyja which is the company my father is a Production Supervisor in. I have been giving my colleges and friends as much as I can of it as I would become sick if I ate it all. I keep it at work so I am not tempted to eat it too much of it.

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