Life is wonderful

It is so good to live here. I get food, water, have a place to stay and am treated nice. So it seems to be with others here. Marko seems however to be endlessly complaining and complaining some more. It was kind of funny to hear his complaints that our …

How true

“If you want to study the social and political history of modern nations, study hell.”
Thomas Merton

Parents promoting violent behaviour

Most if not all societies have problems regarding violence. Bulgaria is no different except maybe the scale of the violence is greater than in many other countries. Violence is normal part of the society and most people consider this to be more or less normal. For example if you drive …

Alex the racer

Alex has always liked cars and big transport vehicles such as air planes, buses, trams, etc. But now he is becoming very fast on his own car and is ready for racing or what do you think? Happy Easters!