Bulgaria needs a process of reforms, not a quick fix

Bulgaria is far behind of making its system really democratic. What can be done? Or is Bulgaria meant to be stuck in the same position year after year? Will Bulgarians be complaining about the same crazy system in 10 years? Hopefully not but for this the country needs a constructive and continuous process of reforms. It has to be a process of small changes over the next 10-15 years. Not large scale fix.

Missed opportunities for reforms … are we too late?

From time to time we get an golden opportunity to reform our systems such as the civil service or economic systems in our country. In most cases the opportunity is lost and therefore reforms become more difficult. But does that mean that reforms are impossible? Or that all hope is lost?

Parking in Bulgaria – why not the same technology in other countries?

Parking in centre of any city is a problem. Too many cars and too few places to park. In most cities part of addressing the problem is to have at least part of the centre with paid parking. In Sofia it is called the blue zone. As I live in the centre then I am quite happy with this arrangement.

Home sweet home

Lobba was talking about it the other day that I am strange for wanting to stay at home. But my home is so nice. I have a warm place to stay, I get good food, water, nice attention and I can sleep as much as I want. When I go …

Do I have to eat him?

Yet again Marko starts to complain, seems to be the only thing that he is good at. Recently he complained about me and Rustikus for not chasing him any more. Why would we? He is as creative as a wall and it is always the same. It tends to become …

Where have all the leaders gone?

There was once a time when we thought that we had real leaders and in some cases we had them. Leaders who knew what they wanted and didn’t just go with the flow or were scared of the public opinion or of any change. Now we seem to have leaders which have no guts to change anything. During and after any economic crisis they just rebuild the system that was in place before. Just maintaining the current system and not changing anything.