Choir and picture gallery

Last Tuesday evening at choir rehearsal there was some balance for once. For the first time I can remember we were 4 men but of course there were three times as many women. However as they are split up in two voices then there was a good balance – 5 …

Markó and the cichlids

Yesterday I noticed Markó going over to the cichlids aquarium and start to drink from it. It is almost like he did not have the other two water containers. But at least he was not trying to fish them out and they did not seem to mind.

Freedom and religious fundamentalism!

In few weeks ago we witnessed Muslim religious fundamentalist go crazy over few cartoons in a Danish newspaper many months ago. This is nothing surprising as after all they as any other religious fundamentalists want to force their view of the world or their religion upon all of us. It …

Markó hunting

My cat, Markó, likes to try to fish but is very scared of the water. He therefore tries to fish them through the glass of my closed aquariums. Here are two pictures and a link to a movie file of this.

My new cat – first pictures

Yesterday I went to the shelter to pick up my new cat. I had selected him the day before but could not take him until yesterday as I had to buy lot of things including cat toilet, scratching post and of course food. He is two and a half years …