The US and human rights … or lack thereof

The US is abandoning little by little the international order it lead the construction of. If the mid-term elections will leave GOP in power of Congress and in the Presidential elections Trump will be re-elected then it becomes more a question of time when the US allies will not be as willing to help as before. The hard power of the US military will then quickly fade away. Without the launching platforms of the bases in Europe the invasion of Iraq would not have been possible. Not to mention all the intel US gets from the intelligence community in allied countries.

Now the world looks at the US becoming more of what we would have expected countries like North Korea, China, Russia and other dictatorships to be. As we watch the separation of parents and children at the border and inaction by Congress then we can hardly conclude anything else than this is something the Congress approves of and therefore also the American public is deep down OK with. If the politicians in Congress are not getting the message from their voters to fix this right now or loose their seats then it indicates simply a tacit approval of this policy.

I can only hope that something will be done to fix this, but I doubt there is much reason to hope even if GOP looses control of the Congress. It is becoming harder and harder for us that are friends of the US to defend its behaviour.

Thankfully I don’t have to vote

On Saturday there will be local elections in Iceland. I will not vote as I haven’t lived in Iceland for about 15 years. I still have the right to vote even in local elections which is weird. To me local elections are mostly about fixing infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, etc.) and managing local services. So it would be strange for me as not living in Iceland for over a decade to have influence how the municipality that I last lived in is managed. At the same time it is strange that after living in Sofia (Bulgaria) I still don’t have the right to vote in the local elections here. Here the decisions and actions of the municipality impact me directly on a daily basis. If Iceland were a member of the EU then I would, as far as I know, have this right.

With all this being said, then I am not going to vote in the local elections in Iceland as an issue of principle then I am not getting involved in something that is none of my business. So I am glad to have elections that I can in good conscience skip.

When it comes to parliamentary elections, referendums in Iceland, Presidential elections then all have either direct or indirect effect on me as an Icelandic citizen and in fact I consider it to be my duty to vote.

Why have open lessons?

During this time of the year it is common for kindergartens to have open lessons so that parents can come and see their kids being taught. This would be good if parents of all kids could come. This is not always the case and often in those lessons you can see some kids crying because their parents did not come while the parents of the other kids came. Not all parents can attend these lessons even when they are in the late afternoon.

So why hold these. We as parents know through other means including from our kids that they are being taught and we can see them learn many things. To me all this does is interrupt the regular program and leaves some kids with the question “why didn’t mom or dad come to see me like the parents of other kids did?”.

Time to restart this blog

In moving between servers I lost all my old posts but lets try to start blogging again.

Here I will include various topics such as politics, religion, programming and many others which can both be serious and not so serious in how I cover them. I will also post various things about living in Bulgaria as an Icelander.