Rape excuses – offence to men!

Rape is a horrible violent crime which can often lead to long term emotional and psychological problems for the victim….

Bulgarian Border Police – slow and inefficient

Recently me and my wife went on a short trip to Istanbul by bus. It was great fun after all…

Bulgaria undermines economic development

In Bulgaria rules are often strange but worse is that they are often an obstacle to business developments in the country. Good example of this are freelance contracts or that is the absence of them in the Tax Code. In most countries freelance contracts are like a contract with a company. The freelancer provides specific services to a company or an individual at a certain price and provides an invoice for it. The buyer of the service pays the invoice and that is end of their part in the financial aspect. The freelancer like a company then pays taxes and other mandatory fees to the state and/or municipality. In Bulgaria it does not work like this except for probably 5-6 professions. If a company in Bulgaria makes a freelance contract it has to deal with the payment similar as it would with a person on a labour contract such as withhold taxes and social security and then pay those to the tax authority. Basically freelance contract is not a freelance contract as much as a labour contract without fixed salary or fixed working hours.

Vaccinations – the missing stories

Too often we hear in the debate on vaccination only about either very negative side effects or how many people…

The drivers and captain

The drivers, riders and the captain

Why don’t I care what people think about me?

Lot of people are occupied with the idea of if and why people like or dislike them. It matters to…

5 years already

It is somewhat strange to think about it that my older son – Alexandar Óðinn – is now 5 years old. It seems like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital.

Time really flies when you’re having fun 🙂

Why should I respect religion?

Very often people say that as a society we need to respect people’s religion as it does no harm. Why…

Time to repay our debt to the Islamic/arabic world?

Now we live in a world dominated by political correctness and desire to avoid to see the truth. We see…

Bulgarians maintain outdated ways of doing business

I have written about it before but Bulgaria is stamp crazy society. Every official business needs a stamp and the…

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